Creative Reconstruction

There was a book written about Unlocking Energy Innovation and how there are four scales of energy research and deployment, but I would say there are different levels of industrial scale deployment

They had said that the USA was mainly failing at demonstration and early adoption.

I would note that the US and Europe are only deploying about 1% new energy infrastructure. There is not enough growth to create the demand for more. China and India have high growth and are building or will build a lot more. The US and Europe need to have creative reconstruction. They need to reconstruct energy with a policy of replacing their coal power. This will declutter legacy technology to create high volume demand for new technology.

I would argue for a lot of small modular nuclear but it also applies for solar power and robotics. Foxconn who makes iphones and employs 1.2 million people will replace about 500,000 with 1 million robots. They will be driving down solar panel costs with unprecedented scale. Heartland Robotics has talked about a manufacturing revolution with $5000 robot arms, but instead small scale at home manufacturing the real game will be Foxconn scale automation.

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