Czech, Australian Thorium Molten Salt Project has 50 researchers

Prague Post – Thorium Energy Pty. Limited is a Czech and Australian partnership with around 50 scientists working on the development of commercial thorium-fueled molten salt reactors. For the past five years, a group of Czechs and Australians have been working on the beginnings of a partnership to develop an energy source they say could be the answer to Europe’s growing energy needs and lower emissions goals.

There are more than a few global efforts developing MSRs, with China potentially leading the way after the government agreed to fund a private company with goals of producing a small MSR within five years.

There was a Thorium Base Load Project Symposium held at Parliament house, Canberra, Austrlia November 24 and 25th, 2011 The opening address was by Martin Ferguson AM, MP Austrlian Minister for Resources, Energy and Tourism. Peter Stepanek Director Thorium Energy Pty Ltd. spoke at the Symposium as did other scientists and officials

Peter Stepanek is Czech born and a former Czechoslovakian Commercial Attaché in Sydney. In 1984 he became an Australian citizen and is a significant promoter of Australian – Czech and European trade, business and political relations. He has been a member of various Czech and Australian delegations in Australia and Europe.

Peter is the Principal of Thorium Energy Pty Ltd and has for many years coordinated efforts to have thorium technology recognized as having the potential to provide safe and sustainable energy to the world. He has assembled the most eminent of Czech know how and Scientists and is focusing his attention on the development of Molton Salt Reactor (MSR) new generation technology. The significant members of the MSR Thorium team are here today.

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