Granulyte Infusion treatment offered in Mexico to Boost Immune system against Cancer

FightAging – a cancer immune therapy pioneered by Zheng Cui that involves transplanting granulocytes from suitable donors – performed very well indeed in mice, superbly in fact, but only the one anemic human trial is underway in the US. Now the treatment is available in Mexico and has reportedly cured at least one patient. This is part of a trend for medical tourism to circumvent US regulations (slow clinical trials) to get treatment and cures that would people with diseases that have no hope with current approved treatments.

A clinic in Mexico called NCIM that is now offering granulocyte infusion treatment

New NCIM Program Debuts: Treating Cancer with Mismatched Donor Granulocytes and Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells

Back during 1999 Wake Forest researcher Zheng Cui, MD, PhD injected mice with an ultra aggressive form of cancer that should have killed all the treated animals. One didn’t contract cancer. Curious as to why, Dr. Cui went about determining what was protecting the resistant mouse and found that the little bugger has white blood cells (granulocytes) that are quick to attack and dispatch cancer cells. More work followed that led Dr. Cui to propose that between 10-15% of people harbor granulocytes that make them resist developing cancer. He also proposed that these cancer-resistant granulocytes could be harvested from donors and given to cancer patients. This idea gathered momentum resulting in a clinical study proposal that was approved by the FDA. However, the Wake Forest study ultimately was withdrawn. More recently the South Florida Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant Institute has received FDA approval to conduct a similar study (but is “enrolling participants by invitation only.”)

Earlier this year we at NCIM approached biomedical theoretician Dr. Anthony G. Payne and asked him for any ideas or suggestions he might have for bettering the lot of a middle-aged male end stage prostate cancer patient. As he had exhausted whatever conventional approaches were available for his particular malignancy this was time for heroic measures. With Dr. Cui’s pioneering work in mind Dr. Payne then set to work to develop an experimental protocol that would combine the use of mismatched donor granulocytes from healthy young people with HLA mismatched umbilical cord stem cells from healthy newborns.

On October 10, 2011 the patient shared the exciting news that his US oncologist has declared his cancer in full remission. Tests and scans revealed that his PSA had gone from a figure in the stratosphere to less than 1. And his prostate — once enlarged to an unbelievable size — is now smaller than normal. He has agreed to supply copies of his scans and medical reports for posting to Nova Cell’s web site. A video interview will also be made and posted.

This is, of course, but one case and as such it would be inappropriate to generalize what is being seen to other cancer patients. Nonetheless it is very encouraging and new cancer patients are being enrolled now.

China has also started a clinical trial

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