Mach Effect explanation of Mass gets independent research support

Arxiv – The gravitational mechanism to generate mass II is a paper on Arxiv (5 pages) that supports the Mach effect interpretation of mass and inertia which is the basis of the James Woodward proposal for Mach Effect propulsion.

With the eminent confirmation or disproof of the existence of Higgs boson by experiments on the LHC it is time to analyze in a non-dogmatic way the suggestions to understand the origin of the mass. Here we analyze the recent proposal according to which gravity is what is really responsible for the generation of mass of all bodies. The great novelty of such mechanism is that the gravitational field acts merely as a catalyst, once the final expression of the mass does not depend either on the intensity or on the particular characteristics of the gravitational field.

The mechanism presented in this paper allows us to interpret the mass of any body as being nothing but a local property originated by the influence of the whole universe intermediated by the gravitational interaction. In other words, to explain the origin of mass for all bodies, there is no need to introduce extra fields as, for instance, the Higgs boson.

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