NewEnergyTimes gets three NASA powerpoint LENR presentations

Newenergytimes obtained three NASA LENR (low energy nuclear reaction) presentations using a freedom of information request

There was the Zawodny slides.

The presentation slides were very similar to a Zawodny presentation that we covered in January of 2011. Joseph Zawodny, NASA Langley Research Center – Energetics, had a presentation at NASA Aviation Unleashed where he looked at low energy nuclear reactions and other possible game changing technologies.

There was new information. There is experimental work being done by NASA.

So What is LENR?
• LENR is a form of nuclear power
• However, LENR is NOT cold fusion
• Transmutation products most consistent with neutron absorption process
• Decay products readily thermalized
• Gamma rays are screened out
• Very likely linked to the resonance of the hydrogen in/on the metal lattice
• Despite claims to the contrary, devices that can be turned ON/OFF not yet demonstrated

• Scalable: Nuclear energy densities from μW to GW
• Portable: Little or no need for radiation shielding
* Adaptable to the full range of transportation systems
Does not have the weight, safety, and costs of fission
• Revolutionizes Aviation and Access to Space
* Decouples energetics from reaction mass
* Fuel mass essentially goes away for air-breathing applications, reduces total mass
* No GHG (CO2, H2O, aerosols, …) concerns
* Fuel is very cheap (Nickel abundant, electrolysis of H2O)
• Total replacement of fossil fuels for everything but synthetic organic chemistry

New Applications and Challenges
• Practical point-to-point package delivery
• Agricultural applications
• Environmental sensing and control
• New models for airspace management
• Highly autonomous vehicles
• Quiet vehicles

Bushnell Talk Highlights

Nextbigfuture had already discussed that Bushnell was a LENR believer and a believer in Widom Larsen and that NASA was testing Widom Larse theory

Bushnell had 17 pages of slides that were all text

• Source for energy beaming, energy to terraform Mars, Enables Active Space Radiation Protection
• Enables envelope‐less flight via active flow control, “Bird Like Flight”, ALL‐WEATHER
• Provides huge margins to enable superb safety [ Armored engine surrounds, triply redundant Faraday caged Electronics, Etc..]
• Allows direct control of wake vortices to obviate wake vortex hazard
• Super STOL performance via circulation/ flow control to increase runway productivity by a factor of 3
• Overall, For Aero –far lower gross weights, higher speeds, lower noise, greater range, emissions solved, envelope‐less/all weather superb ride quality flight, lower costs, greater safety
• Possibly obviates THE issue with hypervelocity air‐breathing, the decreasing value‐added from burning H2 fuel as a function of increasing vehicle kinetic energy
• For the military –EMP on steroids, VTOL obviates air bases/ runways/ carrier decks, enables loitering combined sensor/ weapon devices [ instead of getting there in time ARE THERE, always]
In Short, LENR , depending upon the TBD performance, appears to be capable of Revolutionizing Aerospace across the board. No other single technology even comes close to the potential impacts of LENR upon Agency Missions.

Going Forward

• Test/ determine the performance of the Rossi and Piantelli devices
• Experimentally validate the weak interaction theories
• Utilize theory to design/ create and experimentally optimize performance, including surface morphology considerations/ opportunities and bootstrapping
• Summarize/ rackup the myriad approaches throughout the entire system/ sequence that appear to work [ e.g. the 5 or so methods of adding energy].

Michael Nelson Reviews Rossi and Piantelli work

Michael Nelson reviews the history and the technical details available on the work on of Rossi and Piantelli

Piantelli work has actual computer equipment readouts of measurements. Early Focardi work was replicated by Brian Ahern at 8 watts for 4 days.