Architect comments on Broad Group Accelerated Construction Technique

Treehugger – Lloyd Alter, architect, gives positive comments while reviewing China’s Broad Group accelerated construction methods.

[Building the thirty story building in 15 days] completely changes the way buildings are constructed and, I believe, is about to change the entire industry.

* Even the floor tiles are put on in the factory.

* All of the other components they need for that particular slab, the walls, the interior finishes, are lifted together with the slab, so there is no separate shipping of drywall or studs, everything you need is right there. What a difference this would make in work flow on a construction site.

The column stub is built into the slab panel they can just pile panels on top of column instead of trying to fit them in between a structural frame, the more conventional approach. Those diagonal braces give it the strength and rigidity it needs when building with so many shorter pieces.

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