Bloodstream robots for medicine about 3-5 years away for clinical use

Journal of Applied Physics – Precise manipulation of a microrobot in the pulsatile flow of human blood vessels using magnetic navigation system (3 pages)

This paper proposes a method to precisely manipulate a microrobot in the pulsatile flow that simulates the flow characteristics of human blood vessels by utilizing the electromagnetic transfer function of a magnetic navigation system (MNS). The frequency response characteristics of the MNS were utilized so that the input voltages in each coil can precisely generate the required time varying magnetic force of a microrobot. An experiment which successfully anchoring a microrobot in a pulsatile flow was conducted to verify the proposed method.

The bloodstream robot is inside simulated blood vessels

There are many other researchers working on bloodstream robots but we are still about 3 to 5 years away from clinical use because of the regulatory timeline.

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