Brian Wang on Fast Forward Radio Tomorrow

Brian Wang will be on Fast Forward Radio (the Speculist blog on Blog Talk Radio)

I will be speaking with Rand Simberg, Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon about Moon colonies and Newt Gingrich’s proposed permanent moon base.

The talk will start at 8pm PST February 1pm and will be recorded.

My Recent articles on moon bases and Newt Gingrich’s proposal

Some are criticizing the Newt Gingrich proposal as too expensive based on the cost of the Space shuttle and space station. Apparently we must continue using the same approach that led to past cost overruns and never try anything different. All mistakes must be repeated exactly as before

What are the near and long term advantages of a moon base

Space technologies that could help enable a far more affordable permanent moon base

Making a permanent lunar base and overcoming political obstacles

Transcript and video of Newt Talking about space and moon colonization

Newt Gingrichs plans for a moon base using ten percent of NASAs budget for space related prizes

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