Carnival of Nuclear Energy 87

Carnival of Nuclear Energy 87 is up at the ANS Nuclear Cafe

Atomic Insights – Rod Adams writes that David Owen’s book, “The Conundrum” comes to the conclusion that there is no way for people to sustain a high energy consumption life-style. He ignores the incredible store of energy inside of uranium and thorium.

Nuke Power Talk – Gail Marcus writes that we have long known about the radioactivity of emissions from coal-fired plants. Now, Gail Marcus comments on radioactive emissions from yet another fossil fuel. Among the other problems identified with the process of “fracking” to extract natural gas, they have now been identified with increased releases of radioactive emissions.

Next Big Future

Toshiba has a device for removing 97% of radioactive material from soil and water at 1.7 tons of soil per day. The rate of treatment will be increased by 100 times to the range of 100-200 tons of soil per day

A team of LLNL researchers has developed the first plastic material capable of efficiently distinguishing neutrons from gamma rays, something not thought possible. The new technology could assist in detecting nuclear substances such as plutonium and uranium that might be used in improvised nuclear devices by terrorists and could help in detecting neutrons in major scientific projects.

China cleared to buy world’s fourth largest uranium deposit which is in Namibia. Liu Tienan, head of NEA, said that China would approve nuclear safety regulations more quickly and speed up revisions of its medium- and long-term plans for nuclear power development.

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