Carnival of Space 231

Weirdwarp has Carnival of Space 231

Weirdwarp has Does God exist? That is a question that has been pondered over for 1000s of years since humanity could first think about his existence. Religions claim to know the answer and scientists take an objective view that is always changing as evidence appears. Most religions have to look at their beliefs differently or disregard science completely to justify their beliefs as science comes up with theories such as evolution and can say with some certainty when the universe came into existence.

Discover News- The search for alien signals on Kepler’s exoplanets has turned up its first results — sadly, the signals are not alien.

Nextbigfuture submissions

Nextbigfuture comments on Future History that is space related from now to 2050. Original article by Marc Millis at Centauri Dreams. Nextbigfuture suggests other technology that could impact Future Space History

Nextbigfuture – Elon Musk says that he and Spacex will put millions of people on Mars. Musk doesn’t just want to stop at one human. In his Heinlein prize acceptance speech, he said he wants to put 10,000 people on Mars. Musk rarely makes public statements merely for effect but a call for 10,000 would-be Martians is extraordinary, even by his standards. When I query him on this point, he pauses. Is he reconsidering? Yes… but, as with so much else about Musk, not in a predictable way. “Ultimately we don’t really want 10,000 people on Mars,” he says, after letting the pause linger a few seconds more. “We want

Nextbigfuture covers an Arxiv paper that seems to support the Mach Effect interpretation of mass and inertia which is the basis of the James Woodward proposal for Mach Effect propulsion.

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