iRobot shows off tablet headed AVA bot at CES

EETimes – iRobot’s AVA, whose swivel head, perched atop its articulating torso and holonomic base, is an iPad.

iRobot’s AVA is a system that Nextbigfuture believes will start having a huge impact later this year or next year.

Unlike the complex robotic SDKs available for hardcore robot developers, AVA’s tablet driven brain makes her much easier to program for, using iRobot’s API.

The tablet interface also allows AVA to leverage in-built cameras, gesture recognition algorithms, connectivity, and access to the cloud for higher level applications.

At CES, iRobot was demoing AVA driving herself around between points on the show floor, chosen by her controller, also using an iPad.

For now, sadly, AVA is just a “concept car” and development platform, but iRobot, whose tagline is “Robots that make a difference,” is hoping that one day she’ll be a lot more. The firm is even partnering with InTouch Health to try to bring remote presence into health institutions.

This remote presence could include robots acting as interfaces for doctors making rounds remotely, or bringing outside medical specialties to remote hospitals.

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