Lawrenceville Plasma Physics uses Axial Field Coil to boost Xrays by 10 times and Fusion by 2 times

Lawrenceville Plasma Physics has a 6 page report on their Dense Plasma Focus fusion project.

They were able to use an axial field coil (AFC) to a ten-fold increase in x-rays emitted from a billion-degree plasma at the center of a magnetic vortex The AFC’s electric current of four amperes generated a magnetic field that, despite being relatively weak, was still able to manipulate FF-1’s main electric current pulse of over a million amps.

Fusion reactions were also enhanced by the AFC, although by a factor of 2, not 10. The difference in fusion yield between the 4-amp and zero-amp settings is still four times as much as the variation in yield between the two shots at 4 amps, indicating a significant effect. The greater enhancement of x-rays from the electrons shows that the electrons were both hotter and the plasmoid was larger, while the fusion reactions were only increased by the size of the plasmoid, as predicted by LPP’s theory.

The ability to control the spin of FoFu-1’s magnetic tornado will be crucial in future experiments, when the density of the gas is increased to generate far higher fusion yields, and more spin is required for the denser, slower-moving plasma. LPP’s team then expects to see even more dramatic results from our magnetic butterfly.

The Axial Field Coil inside FF-1’s 10-inch diameter vacuum chamber is a single insulated wire, invisible here because it is protected by a ¼ inch diameter coil of copper. It produces a magnetic field along the vertical axis of the device.

The boost in X-rays is promising for the X-scan spinoff business of scanning highway and other infrastructure.

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