Xbox Kinect and Sesame Street creating Interactive TV

Gamesradar – During its keynote at CES 2012, Microsoft unveiled yet another tool to thwart children’s attempts to go outside or read a book. It’s called Kinect Sesame Street TV, and it looks to bring the imaginative, classic world of Sesame Street to an interactive medium unlike the world has ever seen.

During a demonstration, a prop child was asked by Grover to throw coconuts at the screen. The Kinect sensor picked up her movements, and showed the coconuts landing in Grover’s box. If she didn’t oblige (out of either malice or ignorance) she was supported by Cookie Monster, who rushed Grover and slam dunked the coconuts himself.

In the second demo, Elmo’s world was brought into the real world with rainbows and sparkles. As the actors flailed, their world was transformed in a way that is sure to blow the minds of anyone under ten years old.

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