802.11ac or 5G Wi-Fi will let tablets stream wirelessly to televisions

EEtimes – newer versions of Wi-Fi will improve connectivity and enable content to be streamed from tablets to TVs. Broadcom is pushing what it calls 5G Wi-Fi, based on the 802.11ac version of the Wi-Fi spec.

The next major innovation in Wi-Fi (6G Wi-Fi) will be the emergence of the 802.11ad standard, which operates in the 60-gigahertz band and offers tremendous speed improvements, though has a shorter transmission range, Hurlston said. He called 802.ad a “revolution,” as opposed to the “evolution” offered by 802.11ac.

Chips supporting 802.11ad (60 gigahertz) will be available in 2012. However, meaningful adoption of 802.11ad will take a few years.

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