Details about the Ten Times Energy Production from Cold Fusion Demo at MIT

The graph distributed at the JET Energy MIT open cold fusion/LANR demonstration of the NANOR CF/LANR technology (see 2nd graph below) actually quite clearly showed, and still shows, a thermal output power of the NANOR closer to 78 milliwatts than 18 milliwatts.

Steve Krivit’s attacked the MIT demo. “Swartz Makes Misleading Claim of LENR Excess Heat”. Steve Krivit misread the graph at claimed the peak power output was 18 milliWatts. However, Steve indicated that did not matter because the power levels are very low compared to claims by Rossi. Of course, Steve also says that Rossi claims are a scam.

Swartz had other work that generated up to 19 watts. This is still far less than some who claim hundreds or tens of thousands of watts.

Dr. Swartz presented his work to DTRA in 2006 involving paired Stirling engines driven by CF/LANR systems which showed 19 watts of excess heat, and the results were published in the Proceedings of ICCF-14, and the Journal of Scientific Exploration, after peer-review.

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