Six behavioral factors of longevity

IOwa State identified the behaviors of people who live a longer life

1. It takes a village (and a family, some money, and a care facility). You’ve got to have family, or community, or care facilities. And you also need economic support — the financial resources to last into very late life.

2. Individual characteristics. If you have right mix of characteristics then you could have a big advantage. Gender, ethnicity, and personality.

3. You need good coping skills, be an active person and do things to keep your mind active.

4. Make a habit of eating right and exercising. This is especially important when you get older and start getting physical impairments like poor eyesight or joint, leg and back problems. It goes back to coping and persisting even when there are obstacles.

5. Do what it takes to stay healthy. You can take responsibility and maintain courage and persistence to do whatever it takes to stay healthy.

6. Stay positive with good mental health. If you are having trouble staying positive and you are under the age of sixty, then you have to get on top of that and get it fixed so you are ready when you are even older.

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