Amerigon Thermoelectric Generator and Fast Material Testing

Amerigon revolutionized seat comfort by introducing the Climate Control Seat in 1999, the world’s first thermoelectric-based cooled and heated seat. They have a thermoelectric generator that was picked as a 2012 Car and Driver 10 most promising future technologies. One-third of the energy in every gallon of the gas you burn is dumped out your exhaust pipe as waste heat. Schemes aimed at recouping some of that energy include turbocharging, turbocompounding (exhaust-driven turbines geared to the crankshaft), and the steam generators investigated by  both BMW and Honda. BMW wil be trying to use the Amerigon thermoelectric generator to improve car mileage by 5%.

Amerigon had a 22 page presentation in 2011 about a fast testing system for screening potential thermoelectric materials.

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