Anybots and other Robots

Anybots has robots that help provide mobile telepresence. Mobile telepresence is the most interactive form of communication, short of being face-to-face. Adding remotely controlled mobility to videoconferencing is a transcending experience that will change how you perceive distance and make your world feel dramatically closer.

Wall Street Journal – The Anybot QB Robot sells for $9,700 and costs about $3,000 for an eight-hour rental.

The QB robot grandmother is used for mobile attendance by a grandmother for a wedding in Paris.

Other companies, like VGo Communications Inc., in Nashua, N.H; Xaxxon Technologies, in Vancouver; and iRobot Corp., in Bedford, Mass., have introduced personal-presence robots that range in price from $270 for a simple model that connects to a laptop to $50,000 for a machine that could allow doctors to log in and diagnose illnesses remotely.

Technology company executives are prominent among the early adopters. Bert Navarrete, co-founder and managing partner of Tigerlabs LLC, a company that helps start-ups get off the ground, ordered an Anybot robot to create an office presence for his offsite workers, including a developer in Hungary.

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