Blogger and IEET Fellow Mike Treder is Safe and in Canada

Previously that we had reported that friend of Nextbigfuture Mike Treder (worked together on some Center for Responsible Nanotechnology projects) was missing.

It has now been determined by Mike’s family and police that Mike is safe in Canada

Treder’s sister said Thursday that the family believes he is safe. Mary Treder, 55, said from her home in Cedaredge, Colo., that her family doesn’t believe Michael Treder came to Detroit for the science fair and called that an excuse for disappearing.

“Police have confirmation Mike has left Detroit and is in Canada,” the family said in a statement. “We believe he went on his own volition and is safe. So there is no longer a need for an investigation into his whereabouts. The family would like to thank everyone for their concern.”

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