China boosts government healthcare spending by 16.4%, social security by 21.9% and guaranteed housing by 23.1%

China has its 2012 local and federal budgets online.

The appropriation for medical and health care is 203.505 billion yuan (US$32.2 billion), an increase of 16.4%. This figure consists of 8.331 billion yuan of central government spending and 195.174 billion yuan in transfer payments to local governments. We plan to allocate 105 billion yuan in subsidies, up 37%, to raise government subsidies for the new rural cooperative medical care system and basic medical insurance for non-working urban residents to 240 yuan per person per year, and appropriately increase the proportion of costs that are reimbursable. We will improve the national system of basic drugs, and deepen the comprehensive reform of community-level medical and health care institutions. We will allocate 35.8 billion yuan to improve the mechanism for ensuring funding for delivering basic public health services to rural and urban residents, and continue to implement basic public health programs and prevent and control major communicable diseases such as AIDS and tuberculosis. We will accelerate trial reforms in public hospitals, with particular focus on county-level hospitals. We will support the work of providing medical assistance to rural and urban residents with an appropriation of 11.483 billion yuan.

WSJ – the 2011 increase also was 16.3%

Price Waterhouse Coopers had a projection of healthcare spending by country to 2020

The appropriation for social security and employment is 575.073 billion yuan, an increase of 21.9%. This figure consists of 57.063 billion yuan of central government spending and 518.01 billion yuan in transfer payments to local governments. We plan to allocate 77.1 billion yuan in subsidies to ensure all eligible rural and urban residents are covered by the new old-age insurance system by July 1 this year. We will earmark 217.373 billion yuan in subsidies to continue to increase basic pension benefits of enterprise retirees and improve the overall planning system for basic retirement pension funds for enterprise employees at the provincial level. We will appropriate 92.888 billion yuan to raise subsistence allowances to a suitable level, with per capita monthly benefits to be increased by 15 and 12 yuan for urban and rural recipients respectively, and to further improve social assistance systems targeted at orphans, people with disabilities, vagrants, and beggars. We will disburse 28.837 billion yuan to raise subsidies and living allowances for entitled groups as needed, 13 billion yuan to guarantee basic living conditions of disaster victims, and 43.917 billion yuan to increase policy support for employment.

The appropriation for guaranteeing adequate housing is 211.755 billion yuan, an increase of 23.1%. This figure consists of 37.44 billion yuan of central government spending and 174.315 billion yuan in transfer payments to local governments. We will appropriate 178.746 billion yuan, an increase of 24.8%, to build low-income housing projects, appropriately expand the scope of dilapidated rural houses eligible for policy-backed renovation and raise the standard of subsidies from the central government, and steadily push forward the construction of permanent housing for nomads.

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