China will supply Westinghouse AP1000 components to Projects Worldwide

China Daily – Most of the Westinghouse AP1000 reactors that are being built in the world are being built in China. Chinese nuclear companies will become suppliers for Westinghouse Electric Co’s AP1000 reactor projects in other countries as the nation approaches completion of the world’s first AP1000 project.

“Ultimately, we will include Chinese manufacturers in the international supply chain,” said Tim Collier, Westinghouse’s vice-president and managing director for China.

As the first developer of AP1000 technology, China hopes to export its expertise through a partnership with Westinghouse.

“By the time the US builds its AP1000 reactors, we will send Chinese teams to assist and advise on the project,” said Zhang Fubao, director of equipment at the State Nuclear Power Technology Corp.

In February, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission authorized the construction of two AP1000 reactors at the Vogtle site in Georgia. Site preparation has been completed and the components for preliminary construction are in place.

Westinghouse, developer of the 3G AP1000 technology, is building the world’s first projects in China, with two reactors in Sanmen, Zhejiang province and another two in Haiyang, Shandong province. The first site is scheduled to start operations in March 2013.

“To build as many AP1000 plants as possible is a common objective we share with Chinese companies,” said Collier.

China is prepared for the large-scale deployment of AP1000 technology, and the challenge is to ensure that suppliers deliver high-quality products on time, Collier said.

The country introduced AP1000 technology in 2007. That system is intended to be the mainstream technology of China’s future nuclear plants.

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  1. Can I get the dimensions of passive cooling water tank of Ap1000. Because I want study’s the sloshing effect of it during earth quick and I want make small design of liquid tank
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