Electricity Generation in the OECD for 2011

The International Energy Agency has the electricity usage statistics for the OECD for 2011

Production from geothermal/solar/wind/other increased in all OECD regions. The largest percentage increase was seen in OECD Asia Oceania (80.7%), followed by OECD Europe (28.9%) and OECD Americas (28.5%)

There was an increase of 30-40TWh in nuclear generation by China, India and the Ukraine. The variation depending upon what India actually generated.

China saw its nuclear power generation in 2011 hit 87.4 billion kilowatt-hours, a jump of 16.95% on-year, according to recent figures released by China Electricity Council. This was an increase of 17.3 TWh from 2010

The Ukraine generated 84 TWh in 2010. So there was an increase of 8.6 Twh in nuclear generation in 2011

India’s nuclear generation was up 11% over last year. India generated 20.5 TWh in 2010.

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