Forbes indicates Elon Musk is worth $2 billion

Forbes indicates that Elon Musk is worth $2 billion based on a 25% stock value gain in Tesla.

Solar City will IPO this year and Spacex will likely IPO in 2013

Here is some valuations of car companies.

If Tesla became as successful as Renault then it would be worth three times as much and if it was worth as much as Ford it would be 12 times as valuable. Solar City could conceivable increase three times over the next two years after the IPO.

Lockheed is worth $28 billion. Boeing is worth $60 billion. United Launch Alliance is a joint venture of those two companies.

So in the next three years Elon Musk could conceivably get to $6-15 billion in net worth.

Forbes 2012 list counts an all-time high of 1,226 billionaires worth a record $4.6 trillion.

The top ten billionaires

1  Carlos Slim     $69 B     72       telecom        Mexico
2  Bill Gates      $61 B     56       Microsoft      United States
3  Warren Buffett  $44 B     81       Berkshire Hathaway United States
4  Bernard Arnault $41 B     63       LVMH           France
5  Amancio Ortega  $37.5 B   75       Zara           Spain
6  Larry Ellison   $36 B     67       Oracle         United States
7  Eike Batista    $30 B     55       mining, oil    Brazil
8  Stefan Persson  $26 B     64       H and M        Sweden
9  Li Ka-shing     $25.5 B   83       diversified    Hong Kong
10 Karl Albrecht   $25.4 B   92       Aldi           Germany

Top ten in Technology

2  Bill Gates      $61 B     56    Microsoft    United States
6  Larry Ellison   $36 B     67    Oracle       United States
24 Sergey Brin     $18.7 B   38    Google       United States
24 Larry Page    $18.7 B   39    Google       United States
26 Jeff Bezos      $18.4 B   48   United States
35 Mark Zuckerberg $17.5 B   27    Facebook     United States
41 Michael Dell    $15.9 B   47    Dell         United States
41 Azim Premji    $15.9 B   66    software     India
44 Steve Ballmer   $15.7 B   56    Microsoft 
48 Paul Allen      $14.2 B   59    Microsoft, investments  

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