Liveblogging – DNA Testing How and Why

Sara Gottfried.

How to make the new genetic information actionable

By 2015 the full human genome sequencing will be $100. It should be about $1000 this year.
$100 is about the cost of a blood count test (CDC)

Why DNA testing
* Diagnostic testing
* presymptomatic and predictive testing
* having babies
– carrier testing, preimplantation testing, prenatal testing, newborn screening
* pharmacogenomics, to determine what medication and dosage will be most effective

Genotype appropriate diet more effective.

In one Stanford study. Genotype appropriate diet participants lost 13.2 lbs vs 4 lbs for the regular diets.

Need to get matched with a test to the right diet
* low fat diet (omish diet)
* low carb diet (atkins)

Eating behaviors detected genetically
1. hunger and satiety
2. snacking
3. eating disinhibition and food desire
4. sweet tooth

PathwayFIT $697 $99 a year

Figure out what is best for supplements, food plan and exercise and medication

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