Liveblogging – Diet, Drugs, Supplements and Lifespan

Talk by Stephen Spindler

1. Do supplements extend human lifespan
2. Will calorie restriction and related strategies for extending lifespan
3. Practically how can this info be used to extend lifespan

Healthy humans show that dietary supplements do not show lifespan extension

Simvastatin extends fruit fly lifespan.

Simvastatin plus an ACE inhibitor extended lifespan in mice. Needed to have the statin and the ACE inhibitor worked.

Isoprenoid biosynthesis seemed be the pathway that was causing the increased lifespan.

Decreasing signaling through the EGFR, PDGFVEGF, GPCR and JAK/STAT signalingg pathways can extend fruitfly lifespan.

Reduced signaling through p38, JNK and PKC are associated with increased lifespan.

What extends lifespan
CR (calorie restriction)
NDGA 2.5 and 3.5 gm/kg (don’t take it though double the effective
Everolimus (28.3 mg/kg diet) (like rapamycin) bu effects immune therapy
Oxaloacetate extends life early life but have to stop later in life because it effects the liver

Most had no effect or negative effect

Many studies are contaminated by making the mice queasy and eat less. So they live longer with an accidental calorie restriction.

Combination of large number of supplements likely to produce negative outcomes.

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