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Tracking and reducing inflammation is critical to our health.

Want a lower ratio of AA/EPA to measure good low inflammation levels can provide the analysis of your bacteria and blood in far more detail.

90% of immune system is in your colon

High Lactoferrin biomarker.

The Colon is the Rodney Dangerfield of organs.

He had data that indicated that he had Crohn’s disease (a inflamed bowel disease).

He took the 2D MRI files and used his graphics department to make a 3d analysis.

Doctor had two lines from the tech that says seems like he has enlarged colon wall.

He can create 3d virtual fly through to analyse what is happening from the MRI.
Doctor was just asking how he felt.
He felt fine but he had data and MRI cross-sections.

He went back to his 23andme gene SNP gene ifo.

Went to the human microbiome project. 10 times the number of bacteria
cells as human cells in your body.

He found he was twice as likely to get Crohn’s disease

He started tracking his gut bacteria every 3 months.
Good bacteria went down to zero with antibiotics taken in 2009.
Bad bacteria spiked up two years later.

In 2005, 395 different species of bacteria were sequenced. Most bacteria cannot be cultured in a petri dish.

changes in diet, use of antibiotics, have likely modified intestinal microbial communities have contributed to increased intestinal body disease. has a lab on a chip can analyze 50,000 microbes.

First stage of metagenomic sequencing of gut microbes (Craig Venter)

You got to respect your stool. 60% by dry weight of your stool is bacteria.

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