Liveblogging- Terry Grossman on shortcuts to a long life

Terry Grossman is talking about mimicking caloric restriction.

Carbo concentration diet.

Want a BMI of 23-24.
BMI23-24 5 foot 7 inches then weight 146-153 lbs
BMI 30-35 over 190 lbs reduces life by 2-4 years
BMI 40-45 over 255 lbs reduces life by 8-10years (like heavy smoking)

and is
if you load all of your carbs into dinner (or one meal per day) then have insulin low all day and then have higher insulin just for 3 hours.
Eat normal amounts of food but have most of the benefits of low insulin over 80% of the time.
Lower insulin moderate your food intake

Easy diet with some benefits

Prescription drug Metformin.
best drug to treat type 2 diabetes.

Metformin actions
1. decreases glucose absorption
2. Inhibit glucose formation
3. Increases sensitivity to insulin
4. Tells body to burn fat and not sugar

Diabetes type 2 and pre-diabetes is bad and up to 30-50% have a life time risk of getting it. Shaves 15 years off your life.

Diabetes (26 million in the US)
fasting glucose over 125
2 hour PP glucose over 200
HbA1c over 6.5

fasting glucose over 100


even fasting glucose over 85 is a problem

Want it below 85

Blood Sugar his defn

FBS over 125 Diabetes, triple cardio risk
FBS 100-124 prediabetes, +99% risk
FBS 86-99 14% increased risk
FBS 70-85 optimal
FBS less than 69 not good hypoglycemia

Generic metformin cents/500mg
side effect of diarrhea and stomach upset.
Need ease onto it. one quarter dose, then half dose then full dose of 2 pills 250-500mg per day.
Need a doctors prescription. If you FBS 86 or more then consider it and definitely with FBS 100 or more


Steady rate exercise is not as good

Better to do interval training. Example interval work out

Warm up
2 min mild exertion/ 1 min rest
1:45 min more exertion / 1:15 rest
1:30 min more intense exertion / 1:30 min rest
1:15 min more intense exertion / 1:45 rest
1 min intense: 2 min rest
45 seconds: 2:15 rest

progress to 30 seconds of max exercise 90 second rest, repeat 6-9 cycles.

2 hours per week
3 X 18 exercise and 3 X 18 strength training

15-35% reduces cancer and heart disease deaths
1 baby aspirin per day
increases 31% bleeding events,

US preventative services
men 45-80, women 55-80 recommended
81 mg per day, 3-5 years

Optimal iron

many have too much iron
too much iron and copper. Do not supplement to increase it
iron is a catalyst for free radicals

He believes that the longer life span of women is because they keep iron levels lower through menstruation for 30 years of their life.

Ferretin – get it checked in a blood test
over 200 mcg/l had a 2.2 increase in heart attack
54% higher stroke if you have high ferritin

Regular blood donation decreases risk of heart disease by 86%.

Optimal range ferritin is 12-25. never be too low as long as you are not anemic
If ferritin over 50 take steps to lower body iron stores.
Need to give blood

Men avg is 150
Menstruating win 25-35
Menopausal women 50-59 avg is 60, then 60-90 yrs is 90-100.

Lower ferritin
eat less red meat
donate blood (can donate with private doctor if you have hepatitis)


CC diet free
Metformin 14 cents per day
exercise free
baby aspirin cents per day
donate blood

Low testosterone is a problem
Many of his patients he supplements with testosterone

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