New Nuclear reactors orders expected from UAE, Turkey, Vietnam and other countries

1. The United Arab Emirates is expected to place orders for four more nuclear power plants next year beside the four units currently being built by a Korean consortium, Knowledge Economy Minister Hong Suk-woo said.

There is already a site large enough for four units next to the plants under construction, according to a ministry official.

“Since all the neighboring infrastructure will be built based on the Korean standard nuclear power plant, there is a good chance Korea could win the additional orders,” the official said.

Hong also said that Korea was the most likely winner of orders for nuclear power plants in Turkey and other countries.

“We also have a good chance in Vietnam,” the minister added. “The United States, France, Canada, Russia, Japan and Korea can build nuclear power plants, but the U.S. lags behind in technology as it hasn’t built one for 20 to 30 years. This is a good time for us to speed up (atomic power plant construction).

2. China, the world’s biggest energy user, is “very likely” to resume approval of new nuclear projects in 2012 as the government completes a safety review prompted by the Fukushima disaster last year.

“The government is coming up with a revised plan for nuclear development and is very likely to resume approvals for new plants this year,” Sun Qin, president of China National Nuclear Corp., said in an interview in Beijing.

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