Nextbigfuture Current Position on Cold Fusion

I agree that there is a lot of weird stuff going on with Rossi and Defkalion but I think that Brillouin Energy, Brian Ahern, George Miley and probably Piantelli seem credible and George Miley.

George Miley replicated the Pattison cell. Getting hundreds of watts. Miley is a major researcher in all kinds of nuclear fusion. Miley has successful developed IEC fusion and dense plasma focus fusion systems and worked with other hot fusion systems.

Robert Godes and Brillouin Energy is getting good results and I have visited his lab and spoken to him in person.

Rossi and Defkaltion could be real. I don’t know. I personally doubt outright fraud with Rossi, Defkalion and Blacklight Power. My belief is that they do not quite understand the specifics or have an incorrect set of theories and cannot get good replication and truly consistent results. and Webvan and solyndra were not outright fraud but they ended up being big failures. This is very complicated work launching a new energy industry with newly discovered physics and chemistry. Initially Pons and Fleschman and the people reviewing it greatly underestimated the difficulties in the getting the materials just right. I think some of the tricks around getting the materials right have not been fully worked out.I think we are a lot closer.

I think this will be huge and I think it will be worked out but the difficulty should not be underestimated. Just as the difficulties around regular hot nuclear fusion are immensely challenging.

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