North Dakota Producing 546,000 barrels of oil per day in January 2012 and Texas produced 1,045,816 barrels per day in December 2011

Texas oil

Texas preliminary December 2011 crude oil production averaged 1,045,816 barrels daily, up from the 942,114 barrels daily average of December 2010. Texas increased oil production by over 103,000 barrels per day in 2011.

In January 2012, operators reported 765 oil, 234 gas, 18 injection and three other completions compared to 368 oil, 286 gas, 27 injection and zero other completions in January 2011.

Total well completions for 2012 year to date are 1,020 up from 681 recorded during the same period in 2011.

Operators reported 800 holes plugged and zero dry holes in January 2012 compared to 600 holes plugged and two dry holes in January 2011.

North Dakota Oil

North Dakota is now producing 546,000 barrels of oil per day (bopd), according to preliminary data released Tuesday. That’s an increase of 11,000 bopd from December’s totals. That mark keeps pace with the average increase in production seen in 2011.

North Dakota produced 342911 barrels per day in January, 2011 and 357043 barrels per day in November 2010. There was about a 200,000 barrel per day increase over the 2011.

Total January crude oil production totaled 16.9 million barrels of oil. January natural gas production totaled 17.7 million cubic feet or about 571,500 mcf a day. There were 6,600 wells producing in the month of January. That’s up nearly 200 wells from December. The average rig count held steady in January at 200.

January figures show 212 new “spuds” or new wells drilled, compared to 140 this time last year.

California’s oil output is about 535,000 barrels per day.

Alaska’s production at 593,000.

California has a lot of oil and could be producing a lot more, but has chosen to ban offshore drilling and oil major Occidental Petroleum is choosing to spend efforts developing foreign oil properties where the economics and politics are more convenient

Alaska also has a lot more oil but for political reasons is not developing it.

The preliminary Texas crude oil production figure for December 2011 is 32,420,281 barrels, up from 29,205,524 barrels reported during December 2010.

North Dakota monthly oil production statistics

152 page report on North Dakota Oil production for January 2012.

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