Personal Longevity conference live blogging – first up fixing telomeres

I am live blogging the personal longevity conference.

There is a live webcast for those who have registered.

Bill Andrews, CEO of Sierra Sciences, is an expert on telomeres. Most diseases have some correlation to short telomeres. Telomeres are the tips or ends of chromosomes.

When we are conceived we have 15000 bases in our telomeres, when we are born we have 10,000 teleomeres when we get down to 5000 bases in our telomeres we seem to get a lot of cell disfunction and disease.

All kinds of things accelerate telomere shortening. As of yet we can lengthen telomeres.

A company lifelength can measure the length of your telomeres from a blood sample. The have offices in Spain and Florida

ABC News covered the success in mice to extending telomeres.

Sierra Sciences is trying to turn back on telomerase. (telomerase inducers)
The best substance that they have found would make enough to get 16% of the way to immortal cells.
With funding they think in one year they can get to 100% telomerase effectiveness.
And in three years they would get to human tests.

There are currently three commercially available telomerase inducers.
Bill Andrews says they work and he uses them. (although not at total effectiveness)

ProductV from Isogenics
T -Activator 100 (from telomere biosciences)

Bill also likes ultramarathons because running seems to help telomere length.

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