Volvo 2020 Vision – Totally Safe Cars and Reduced Emissions

Here is Volvo Vision to achieve totally safe cars and reduced emissions.

Our Vision is that no one is killed or injured in a Volvo in the year 2020.

* We cannot solve this on our own. Co-operation is necessary!

To Reach the Visions we need –
Co-operation between different stakeholders:
• Vehicle manufacturers
• Governments/ authorities
• Standardization organizations
• Interest organizations
• Researchers

What causes accidents ?

The four D’s:
Driving while intoxicated
Driver capabilities

Important First Steps towards Zero injuries and Fatalities:
Actions for:

Speed management
• Intelligent speed adaptation
• Support systems for assisting drivers

Increased belt usage
• Belt reminders

Preventing Driving While Intoxicated
• Alcohol interlocks

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