Wealthy Individuals in China and India

WealthInsight has a study of high net worth individuals in China. They report that there are currently 1.3 million HNWIs in China with a combined wealth of US$4.3 trillion, which equates to 26% of the total wealth held in the country.

WealthInsight has a study of the wealthy in India. In 2011, there are 251,000 HNWIs in India who, together, hold a total of US$1,083 billion.

Going forward, the number of Indian HNWIs is expected to grow by 85% to reach close to 465,000 individuals in 2015. HNWI wealth is expected to grow by 97% to US$2,134 billion in 2015.

Merryl Lynch Cap Gemini Wealth Report 2011

If China and India Continued growth 12% for China and 20% for India, then CapGemini would project China to have about 660,000 HNWI and India about 230,000 HNWI in 2012

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