Biomedicine Regenokine Therapy relieves pain

Singularity Hub – Regenokine therapy, which involves spinning out and heating part of the blood then reinjecting it, remains both unproven by the FDA and popular among the rich and hopeful. Regenokine is used to relieve lower back pain and the pain caused by osteoarthritis.

The Regenokine treatment involves extracting the blood and then slightly heating it. The heat creates a kind of “fever” for the blood, inducing the inflammation that is a normal healing mechanism for the body. The blood is then put in a tube and spun in a centrifuge which separates the blood into its constituent parts. A layer of red blood cells collect at the bottom of the tube, a yellowish layer forms above it. The yellowish serum contains the good stuff, now-concentrated cytokines that fight inflammation and proteins that promote good health and block pain. After being injected back into the patient, the serum brings immediate pain relief to most patients. In others it can take several weeks. The feel good effects are effective in about 75 percent of patients and typically last two to four years.

Another, more popular biologic treatment therapy, is platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy. Like Regenokine, PRP therapy involves spinning the patient’s blood, but instead of anti-inflammatories PRP therapy reaches for the platelets. After a wound occurs, platelets not only dam up to stop our bleeding, they also secrete chemicals that induce the wound to heal. So if we concentrate these little healing specialists and re-inject them into the body, we should heal faster, right?

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