Broadcom BCM4752 pinpoints your location to a few centimeters and provides vertical position

The Broadcom BCM4752 GNSS chip provides the industry’s most advanced multi-constellation support by simultaneously collecting data from four satellite constellations (GPS, GLONASS, QZSS and SBAS) and using the best received signals, resulting in faster searches and more accurate real-time navigation. Building on the success of previous GNSS chips, Broadcom’s multi-constellation technology, coupled with advanced signal processing, provides faster positioning performance for improved user experience, especially in challenging urban environments where buildings and obstructions can dramatically impact accuracy and time-to-fix.

Singularity Hub – The chip integrates information from a bunch of sensors and wireless protocols in addition to using 50% less power, delivering 10 times the performance, and taking up nearly half the size of comparable chips. It can pinpoint your location down to a few centimeters, even indoors. On top of that, it will track your vertical position too, whether you’re on the second floor of a mall or the 20th floor of an office building.

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