Carnival of Nuclear Energy 99

NEI Nuclear Notes has the Carnival of Nuclear Energy 99

Road Adams at ANS Nuclear Cafe looks at a National Academy of Science (NAS) has released phase one of a study titled Analysis of Cancer Risks in Populations Near Nuclear Facilities.

Comment from an e-mail list inhabited by people who have studied radiation health effects for decades

20-year-old cell biology evidence instead of their LNT [linear no-threshold] ideology and epidemiology, they would realize that they are trying to measure a cancer risk (radiation-induced DNA damage rate) that is six million (6,000,000) times lower than the spontaneous risk of cancer (i.e., natural DNA damage rate).

ANS Nuclear Cafe – The provincial government of Tamil Nadu, India’s southern-most state, has dropped its opposition to hot start of twin 1,000-MW VVER reactors at Kudankulam and withdrawn support from local anti-nuclear protests.
The long-running controversy over the start of NPCIL’s Russian-built twin 1,000-MW VVER reactors at Kudankulam *may* be coming to an end.

India plans to add 64 Gwe of power to its grid by 2032 to reduce the gap in rural electrification — a nuclear reactor market said to be worth $150 billion, although the USA is currently locked out by a supplier liability law. Dan Yurman covers the Kudankulam story, and the details of the politics behind the story.

Nextbigfuture – GE pushes the PRISM reactor and China ramps up the infrastructure for the Chinese version of the AP1000 reactor. China making the systems for the CAP1400.

NExtbigfuture – iRobots Warrior and Packbots will be used as part of normal nuclear reactor operations in the USA

Nextbigfuture – South Korea will make a big push for the overseas nuclear reactor market share

Nextbigfuture – Transatomic Power is developing a molten salt reactor to burn nuclear waste

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