Live blogging – calorie restriction why and how

Brian Delaney, President, CR society, author of the Longevity Diet

Calorie Restricted animals in test are not that far from starvation.
They had to have separate cages because they would eat other if put together CR’s female animal in many species become infertile

When you control for smoking and known diseases you can get close to a linear relationship between longer lifespan lower calorie consumption (down towards the limits above starvation).

You do not have to measure all your food. You get better and identifying the right portions and stopping eating at 70-80% full.

Cronometer to track nutrition and count calories.

How to measure restriction ?

Aim for a slow 50% reduction in body fat.
Be cautious of going to 4-5% for men, 8-10% for women.

Percentage drop from set point
losing 10-15% of non-CR weight is probably a good safe target, more if overweight

Aiming for a ‘low ideal’ BMI 19 ? 18.5 ?

Its too Hard, Possible downsides

* feeling cold
* lookig scrawny
* muscle loss
* bone loss ?
* Cessation of menses ?
* low testosterone
* social challenges
* hunger