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Lynne R Mielke

Takes bioidentical hormones

Symptoms of hormone deficiency
* fatigue, loss of energy
* aches and pains
* hot and cold flashes
* depression/anxiety
* weight gain
* memory problems
* loss of sex drive
* insomnia

Different kinds of replacements hormones
synthetic – all drug hormones have dangerous side effects, made for the patent
“Natural” – some OTC from yams, Premarin – pregnant mare urine (not good do not take)

Bioidentical – chemical identical to human hormone

Everyone has hormones decline – will need at some point to live longer.
You age more rapidly with bad hormone levels

Will go over the top ten hormones

Biological hormone replacement therapy (BHRT)
Want optimal level and not just normal level
BHRT are usually given as creams
BHRT are found in nature and cannot be patented
Drug companies cannot make money off them
drug companies control medical education
Potential risk of controversial – cancer ? Synthetic hormones increase cancer and
having hormones above optimal level would increase cancer risk
But optimal level is better

Insurance will cover some

Thyroid – T3 and T4

Test hormone levels through blood, saliva, urine

Blood – good for baseline testing usually covered by insurance, ballpark level

Saliva – not covered by insurance, does not correlate well with symptoms

Gold standard – 24 hour urine test, evens out peaks and valleys

Believes can take Bio identical hormones for rest of life


1. Estone (E1) main post menopausal estrogen (the bad one)

2. Estrodio l(E2) main pre menopausal estrogen

3. Estriol (E3) protects against breast cancer, highest during pregnancy
Biest a dream take to boost E3

Low good estrogen is bad

The first hormone to decline, starts around 35
Protect against cancer
Natural antidepressant
Increases sex drive
prevents osteoporisis

Start testing and replacing in mid-30s

Estrogen and Progesterone need to be balanced


Women need testosterone.
If too have a hard time burning fat
Too much – oily skin then acne etc… But just back off when skin get oily, acne or get to aggressive

Men Andropause
Low testosterone in men
Andropause is a fatal disease, bad for your heart

ADAM questionaire

Best to have above 500, 600
Give as creams, gels, shots, pellets
HCG shots can raise endogenous T
when T given externally, get testicular shrinkage, loss of fertility
Test f/t Testo, DHT, E2, CBC, Chem, PSa, do regular prostrate exams

Do not let cream rub off on children. Have to rub it on a shoulder and put t-shirt over
Shots better 1-2 twice a week instead of creams

External T – can dial the level to the desired level more easily

Need total level and free level right

What about prostate cancer ?

testosterone does not cause prostate cancer
PSA often declines with Testo replacement

Progesterone for Men
Abundant in young men, made by adrenals, declines with age
Protects against heart disease, MI
Prevents prostate enlargement
Given orally at night helps sleeping


Adrenal hormone – precursor to estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone
associated with longevity
good for immune system

Made with cholesterol, monitor on statins
increases DHEA
Improves memory
enhances all mental funcitons

Thyroid Hormones
T3 and t4

most check TSH but need to check T3 and T4
can check basal body temperature
T4 made in thyroid galnd, has to be converted to active T3
synthroid, levoxyl, thyroxin – T4 (but body may not convert to t$)

Cytomel, armour, naturethroid and compounded thyroid, contain T3

Want optimal levels and not just minimum

Complete Thyroid Testing

TSH, free T3, Free T4
Reverse T3
Anti-thyroid antibodies
Some people have thyroid resistance like some insulin resistance (common in obese people)


stress hormone, but essential for life
cushings disease (very high), Addisons (very low) -very rare
adrenal fatigue (sub optimal levels, feel burnt out)

test with saliva 4 times in one day
can replace with Cortef (Hydrocortisone) (note at the super high strength training levels so no side effects)

Thyroid and cortisol are the energy horses that pull your body through the day


Declines with age
promotes REM sleep
brain antioxidatn

Human Growth Hormone

Test IGF1 want levels above 50% reference range
Daily injection very expensive and not practical for most people
ADult growth hormone deficiency has to be documented
can cause edema, increased blood sugar, cancer concern has been debunked

Treat human hormone deficiency with human hormone replacement

Optimize hormones to help with weight control
weight is strongly controlled by weight

HCG Diet – uses bioidentical hormone HCG

HCG prevents metabolism from slowing diet even when on the 500 calorie diet
avg weight loss is 0.5 to 1 pound per day
Lose about 25-30 pounds in 6 weeks

Real HCG cannot be out of fridge for more than ten minutes and still be active

Cost $1000 for 6 weeks for diet.
weekly monitoring
can eat white fish and not salmon

Just a google search not from the speaker – HCG Diet club


Ageless, the Sexy years, Suzanne Sommers

Ultramind solution, by Dr Hyman

Testosteroe for life by Dr Morgentaler

STay young and sexy with Bioidentical hormone

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