Liveblogging – Emergency Measure & Near Term Actions

Todd Huffman, Brain Imaging and neuroscience researcher

Used to work on Alcor and a competitor
Alcor is the leading cryonics organization

There is a site discussing uploading in detail

Death and Cryo

Alive / Personalized Life Extension/ Death / Decent Cryopreservation/ Poor Cryopreservation/ Right now in 2012

Cryonics workflow

* Standby when you are in hospital and critical
* stabilization after being declared legally dead
* transport
* cryoprotection
* cooling
* long term care

Alcor FAQ

Near term to do

* quite smoking, exercise
* talk to family and doctor about cryonics
* sign up before terminal illness
* document your personal wishes
* living will and durable power of attorney
* engage with cryonics community and volunteer
* move to Arizona when the time comes

He has the medic alert bracelet
He has a tattoo as well

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