Liveblogging exercise debate – how much

David Asprey thinks just his bulletproof diet and maybe one session of intense exercise per week

Paleo Exercise – 3 to 10 miles running every day or every other day with some weights.

Bill Andrews – thinks that marathons and ultramarathons are ok if you do not go for great times.
5 to 6 hour time for marathon and not 3.5 hours.
Do not want to have inflammation and being unable to do things the next 3-4 days.

Alex Lightman – be a citizen scientist about it.
Try it for yourself
Marathon – it is not the running that gets you, it is the high rate of exertion for a long time that is bad. the Marathon scarring.

nothing that counters neurogenesis

Avoid overtraining
still need good diet
exercise is good but do it right

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