Liveblogging – Exercise for Longevity

Alex Lightman

He discusses
Lifespan – years until you are declared dead
Healthspan – years until you need assisted living
Fitspan – years that you can still do new and challenging sports

Exercise counters many effects of aging

What exercise does to your body is interesting but what it does to the Brain is vital

recommends Spark –

Linear decay function – 5 linear decay in bio systems

VO2 max
Muscle mass
bone mass

highest VO2max is 95
Olympic marathoners are in the mid-70s
highest domestic animals race horses 150
Best animal cheetah 300

Need VO2max of 30 fitspan
20 low edge of healthspan
10 you are in big trouble

He says VO2max is a hugely important measure

We are
60% oxygen
12% carbon
10% hydrogen

30% mortality after 3 months of breaking a hip
50% after 1 year of breaking a hip

Neurogenesis is engendered by exercise

need 45 minutes of exercise to 75% heart rate for men or 65% for women

and learn something new within three weeks

Likes shake weights and ankle or wrist weights

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