Liveblogging – John Mauldin talks about Stem cells and other biotech

John Mauldin has a free newsletter on financial information.
Millenium Wave Securities.

He discussed stem cell breakthroughs with ISCO (International Stem Cell Company) and Biotime

ISCO can turn blood into Parthogenic stem cells into Organs

50 stem cell types (like blood cell types) can cover 95% of humanity and matching would prevent rejection.

Eventually there will be stem cell banks.

Low hanging fruit are grown corneas.

In 1 to 2 years there will grown corneas implanted into people in India

Also growing skin for burn victims


They have dialed back the age of stem cells for organs.

They will be able to soon provide a brand new cardiovascular system. Probably provide the treatment at an asian country and make tens of billions in medical tourism.

Bexion (spelling ?) has a molecule that can kill all cancers in mice

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