Liveblogging – Personalized life extension, what works and what does not and why

Laura Deming -works as a VC and is a Thiel fellow
Floreat Capital

– activates Sirtuin, sold for $720 million to Glaxo (GSK)
-science called into question
Resveratrol –?–> Sirtuins –?–> Lifespan


Rapamycin commercialized as immuno supressant after organ transplant
(Rapamune -sirolimus)
9-14% max life increase in mice and 33% mean life increase
Scientific basis not good yet and have to get the downsides out

Has some MTOR activation
Extends maximum lifespan of mice by 10%
Useful in humans (seems to be yes),

What do anti-aging scientists do to live longer

They tried alternate fasting but could not implement

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