Medicine and Longevity High Impact Technologies

Technologies that I expect to see having a lot of progress in the 2012-2016 timeframe should see each of the technologies enabling more improvement in the other technologies in the 2014-2019 timeframes. The exact timeframes would depend upon how fast leaders in one technological area are able to incorporate advances from other areas.

The whole list of 2012-2016 Technologies

1. Energy Revolution – Mass produced fission, fusion, and maybe cold fusion
2. Memristors and other significant computing and electronic improvements.
3. Robotics
4. Urbanization Broad Group skyscrapers, Tata flat packed buildings
5. Space
6. Supersmartphones, exoskeletons and wearable systems
7. Hyperbroadband
8. Energy Efficiency – superconductors, thermoelectrics, improved grid
9. Additive manufacturing
10. Not so mundane – neuromorphic chips, quantum computers, photonics
11. Automated transportation (leading to robotic cars and planes)
12. Supermaterials
13. Improve medicine and public health
14. Synthetic biology and recombineering
15. Sensors everywhere
16. Education transformed and accelerated innovation

Previously I had mentioned the following expected improvements in medicine and public health.

Cookers and heaters for the developing world that do not have indoor air pollution can save about 1.6 million lives per year and reduce the warming effect of black carbon (soot).

Clean water and sanitation can save millions of lives.

Universal vaccination can save millions.

Combined about 37 million of the 55 million deaths are premature and can be avoided/deferred.

There is advancement on tissue engineering, stem cells and regeneration.

There is advancement against the major diseases and towards longevity.

Advancements against poverty and the rise of the global middle class are huge trends that will enable much of the medical and public health progress.

Something that is currently available is the anti-diabetic drug Metformin. It appears to improve the survival rate against many cancers by 30%.

Also, by taking simple steps outlined by Terry Grossman, even people in the developed world could substantially increase lifespan and improve health.

1. Carb Concentration diet (or other Calorie restriction related diets) are Free

    Want a BMI of 23-24.
    BMI 23-24 5 foot 7 inches then weight 146-153 lbs
    BMI 30-35 over 190 lbs reduces life by 2-4 years
    BMI 40-45 over 255 lbs reduces life by 8-10years (like heavy smoking)

2. Metformin 14 cents per day

    Lowers cancer risks by up to 30% and extends maximum life in mice by 10%

3. Exercise – Free
4. Baby aspirin cents per day
5. Donate blood (reduce iron in blood and boost life by 2-4 years) – Free

There is the possibility of significant advances towards telomerase activation.

There is substantial near term likelihood of significant progress against heart disease with stem cells, vaccines and other methods.

Curing cancer and heart disease would be worth about $50 trillion to the world economy by some calculations

There is a lot of progress towards early cancer detection and Heart attack detection.

There is the possibility of mitochondria rejuvenation.

The capabilities are here to improve your health now and there is the likelihood of several substantial improvements in the 5-10 year timeframe. It is then a question of communication, dissemination, implementation and adoption.

It is now known ow much life extension will be provided by a fully effective telomerase activation treatment.
Besides extending the someones life by taking a more powerful telomerase activitation pill, there is also using de-aged stem cells and tissues in combination with telomerase activated tissues.

A somewhat but not optimally healthy person (non-smoker etc…) could add up to 4-8 years by following Terry Grossmans recommendations.

Early detection and prevention of the big diseases will reduce the chances of early deaths and firm up life expenctancy in the 95-110 year ranges.

Telomerase, stem cells, mitochondria treatments and SENS treatments could substantially extend maximum life spans.

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