Nvidia boosts the speed of the Tegra 3 while the Tegra 4 is delayed

VR Zone- Nvidia will increase the speed of its Tegra 3 processor. The next generation Wayne Tegra 4 processor is delayed.

A faster Tegra 3 is likely to help Nvidia remain competitive in the frenetic mobile market as it staves off challenges from industry heavyweights such as Qualcomm and TI.

 Nvidia Tegra 3 clock speeds are set to be increased, with Nvidia targeting 1.7GHz (perhaps only single core clock speed?) for the high-end parts with the possibility of some slower 1.5GHz parts. GPU performance will also be boosted by approximately 25% in an effort to drive higher resolution displays as the market shifts towards full HD and beyond for high-end tablets and smartphones.

Wayne will be based on ARM’s A15 architecture and we would expect an announcement around Computex time, as Nvidia’s partners should be receiving samples about a month or so after Computex. That said, final devices based on the AP40 isn’t expected to launch until the very end of the year due to the time it takes to engineer and certify mobile devices.

TG Daily – Wayne specs include:

* Quad ARM Cortex-A15 MPCore + low power companion core.
* Improved 24 (for the quad-core) and 32 to 64 (for the octa-core) GPU cores with support for DirectX 11+, OpenGL 4.X, and PhysX.
* 28 nm HPL.
* Approximately 10x faster than Tegra 2.

The new Tegra 3 would be about 6.2 times faster than a Tegra 2

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