Pike forecasts sales of electric two-wheelers in Asia Pacific to reach more than 65 Million units in 2018

Green Car Congress – Pike Research forecasts that annual sales of electric two-wheel vehicles (e-scooters, e-motorcycles, and e-bicycles) will show robust growth and reach more than 65 million units in 2018. Sales will be dominated by China, where annual sales of electric two-wheel vehicles will reach more than 60 million units in 2018 at a CAGR of 6.6%.

On a cumulative basis, forecasts Pike, sales in China will reach more than 355 million units by 2018, with cumulative electric two-wheel vehicle sales in Asia Pacific will reach more than 381 million units in 2018.

Electric two-wheel vehicle sales by country, Asia Pacific: 2012-2018. Source: Pike Research.

More rural focus

Since the penetration rates in rural areas are lower than urban areas, rural areas are the main business target for ICE two-wheel vehicle manufacturers in developing countries. Incumbent players are teaming up with supply chain vendors and components suppliers to initiate market leadership.

Other Findings

Key findings in electric two-wheel vehicle market opportunities include:

* E-Scooters. China will make up the vast majority of the Asia Pacific e-scooter market (more than 15.4 million annual sales in 2018), followed by India (more than 1.1 million units in 2018). Taiwan will experience the highest 2012-2018 CAGR (26.7%) in Asia Pacific for e-scooters.

* E-Motorcycles. The e-motorcycle market in Asia Pacific is expected to be small compared with e-scooters, due to cost.

* E-Bicycles. Pike expects India to be the second-largest market behind China for e-bicycles by 2018. The country will likely follow demand in China for scooter-style electric bicycles (SSEBs) with sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries

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