Plans for Quantum Vacuum Thruster project discussed at the NASA Space Forum

Plans for Quantum Vacuum Thruster project discussed at the NASA Space Forum

Dr. White and Paul March hope to have at least two Q-Thruster test articles run through their paces by the end of September. We also hope to have started the warp-field interferometer work as well, but Sonny keeps getting dragged off to work on other more pressing NASA projects at the moment, so we will see how far that Eagleworks project gets when September, 2012 shows up.

The Q-thruster is NOT a rocket.

Paul March tried to use a standard rocket parameters to bridge the gap between the two propulsion concepts and to demonstrate the performance enhancements that such a field propulsion device could bring to bear on the tyranny of the rocket equation.

Instead we are talking about gravity/inertial (G/I) field propulsion systems that use the ambient G/I field to generate the Mach-Effect (M-E) momentum transfers from the vehicle to the field and thus to the rest of the universe that created this field in the first place. So the G/I field propulsion process does not require the expulsion of mass or E&M radiation away from the vehicle to generate the noted reactive forces, for it directly reacts with the G/I field instead just like a ship uses its propeller to interact with the ocean’s water to generate thrust. So per Woodward’s M-E conjecture, the G/I momentum transfer expressed in any M-E based propulsion device comes directly about from cyclically bulk accelerating a locally contained mass that is concurrently experiencing a time rate of change of energy and power along with a third delta-mass rectifying force that converts these mass fluctuations into a unidirectional force. Past that you need to read Woodward’s papers if you still have questions.

BTW, in Sonny White’s Quantum Vacuum Fluctuation (QVF) conjecture, Woodward’s G/I field is replaced with the Quantum Electrodynamic Vacuum field and the local reactive forces are generated and conveyed by momentum fluxes created in this QED vacuum field by the same process used to create momentum fluxes in the G/I field, but Sonny uses MHD plasma rules to quantify this local momentum interaction where Woodward does not. As to whether Woodward’s or White’s approach to this propellantless propulsion problem turns out to be closer to our reality is yet to be determined, but obtaining comprehensive and high quality data on these types of propulsion devices is the only way we will find out. In the end analysis though, Woodward and/or White’s conjectures may turn out to be wrong or just provide us some partial insights into the truths needed to build the impulse and warp drives needed to build our starships.

PS to GeeGee: There are many forms and venues for scientific peer review and publishing papers in a peer reviewed journal is but one of them. Let me say that Sonny’s QVF/MHD conjecture has passed muster in at least one think tank in the USA that can’t be mentioned at the moment, so we press forward to generate data that will prove or disprove Sonny’s current QVF/MHD conjecture, while Woodward does the same for his. Let’s hope that at least one of them is near the mark…

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