Switchblade flying motorcycle now targeting first quarter of 2013

Samson Motorworks is still developing the Switchblade three wheeled flying motorcycle

* The current schedule, kit deliveries should begin first quarter 2013.

* Target price of the kit is $60k without engine or avionics, resulting in an overall targeted price of approximately $85k. Much of this will be determined by the actual price of the kit, and the engine choice that the builders make

* you must have a Private Pilot Certificate to fly it.

* You can drive the Switchblade to any public airport to take off, and may land at the same, or any other, public airport. You can also take off and land from any private airport where you have privileges

* The Switchblade is a three-wheeled, fully enclosed vehicle that you drive from your garage to a local airport. Once there, you swing the wings out and fly directly to your destination at up to 200 mph, at altitudes to 10,000 feet. You simply land and swing the wings closed, continuing on wherever you want to go.

* It has side-by-side seating, room for 50 pounds of luggage (golf clubs, etc.), and a wide cabin

* Experimental/homebuilt class, requires the owner to build 51% of the vehicle. The kit is delivered to you majorly assembled. Should you desire professional assistance, one of our Builder Assist Centers will be able to help you complete the vehicle in as little as three weeks. Other options are possible, please call for information.

They are at the final stages of building the quarter-scale flying prototype. The propeller spinner is yet to come, as is a final coat of primer plus a little fillet work at the wing-to-body intersection. We are very happy with the quality of work being done, and of course are looking closely now at our initial flight testing of the model. One thing spotted is an interference with the ailerons and the upper wing surface that needed to be cut back. One of the benefits of doing a 1/4 scale prototype is we get to find the little quirks that could have been a costly mistake in full scale, and the flying qualities will also be fleshed out as this scale of prototype should be very close to the flight characteristics of the full-size vehicl

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