Carnival of Nuclear Energy 104

The Carnival of Nuclear Energy 104 is up at Atomic Power Review

Atomic Insights Nuclear fission qualifies as “ultra low carbon” power; natural gas does not

In the power system marketing wars, both nuclear fission and natural gas are currently labeled as “low carbon” sources of electricity. Even though nuclear fission reactors can be clean enough to run inside sealed submarines, the forces who oppose nuclear energy insist that there is enough CO2 produced in the fuel cycle and in the plant construction processes to prevent the use of the term “zero carbon” in any marketing literature.

It is time to take a page from the American Petroleum Institute (API) and start branding nuclear energy as “ultra low carbon” power.

We need to emphasize the difference between an average nuclear plant lifecycle emission 17 grams/kilowatt-hour and a minimum of 400 gms/kilowatt hour at a plant burning natural

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