Google Chrome is the World’s Top Browser – leverages speed and HTML advantages

Google Chrome is the top browser in the world according to Stat Counter

ZD NEt – Google’s Chrome appears to be the most used browser as it passed Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, according to StatCounter. The larger question about the browser war revolves around whether there is a platform benefit to being top dog.

StatCounter’s stats are based on a sample of 15 billion page views in the company’s network. StatCounter’s browser usage data is notable, but I’d like to see a few others call the Chrome win before accepting the stats as gospel.

Venture Beat – A month after Google introduced its multi-browser tab opening functionality for Chrome Beta, the new feature already set to make its debut in the stable release of the browser.

The new feature lets you manage open tabs across different computers and mobile devices running Android OS 4.0 and higher.

Tab sharing works by connecting all the open tabs in Chrome on several different computers. So long as you’re signed into Google via Chrome on each computer, a new menu — aptly named “Other devices” – lets you view all the tabs open on every install of the browser across multiple platforms.

Google Chrome gives faster browsing and with fast development iterations is driving the introduction of new features.

The Chrome Web browser’s speed—with more hardware acceleration in this version—minimalist design, and advanced support for HTML5 have been attracting more and more users for good reason.

For websites that leverage HTML5, Google Chrome is pushing the capabilities for websites that use HTML5.


Fast browsing performance, including even more hardware acceleration. Excellent security through sandboxing and malware warnings. Instant site prediction and loading. Easy installation. Excellent tab implementation. Extensions for customization. Bookmark and preference syncing. Tab process isolation. Strong support for HTML 5. Built-in Flash player and PDF reader.


No built-in “do not track” feature. Still some occasional minor site incompatibilities. Graphics hardware acceleration doesn’t work with all graphics cards.

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